Welcome to PowerSafe!
PowerSafe, Inc. is located in Mansfield, Ohio and maintains and installs standby generators in the North Central portion of the state. We provide safe, reliable, automatic backup power for electrical outages for the home or small to medium sized business (up to 2 megawatts). We only provide top of the line, brand name, standby generators (Kohler, Coleman, Katolight, and Generac).

Why do we ONLY have satisfied customers?
  • We have a Satisfaction Guaranty
  • All our installations are done by skilled, licensed, and insured professionals
  • We service what we install. Would you buy a car that couldn't be serviced locally?
  • Our service is 24/7 and we are backed up by the Midwest's largest Kohler dealer, which also offers 24/7 repair service
All generators are not alike. Don't rely on the guess of a box store clerk who was selling fertilizer to the last customer when he tells you that a certain model will meet your needs. Call a professional for a FREE in home evaluation survey to determine the brand, model, and size of generator that is best for you. Furthermore, we will answer your questions on how the generator works, starts, shuts down, tests itself, and where the best location would be. Did you know that your choice of generator will help determine your home susceptibility to lightening and power surge damage?