About PowerSafe...
Our customers understand why we say, “No Power? No Problem!” We provide safe, reliable, automatic backup power for electrical outages for the home or small to medium sized business (up to 2 megawatts). We only provide top of the line, brand name, standby generators.
PowerSafe, Inc. is located in Mansfield, Ohio and maintains and installs standby generators in the North Central portion of the state. We will also sell out of state to customers who wish to arrange their own local installation.
PowerSafe carries several of the best brands (Kohler, Coleman, Katolight, and Generac) of standby generators. We listen to your needs and recommend the best standby generator for your power outage solution, not just the closest in size in a single product line.
We feel that customers want solutions not problems.
We interview the customer to help determine needs, help size the power requirements, select among our various product lines for the best match for that customer’s unique needs, and provide carefully screened electricians, plumbers, and laborers as required for the installation. We provide a “turn key” solution to installation.
We tried to summarize out “mission statement” into two words: Power Safe
You have safe power coming into your home now. You are aware of the fallibility of the power gird, its vulnerability to the weather, vagaries of the power from the various electrical power stations, and you are perhaps even concerned about terrorist threats to your electrical supply. You know how much depends on electricity, and how everything stops during an outage. At PowerSafe we only provide SAFE POWER solutions for these outages: no cables strung across the lawn, no explosive gasoline refueling, and no “fly by night” installers who also pump septic tanks and do lawn service on the weekends. We only provide generators that automatically start and stop to protect you from power outages. We also make sure that our generators test themselves weekly so that you know you will have power when there is a black out. Did you know that a certain grocery chain in the North Central Ohio region had standby generators during the blackout in 2003 and at no single store did all of the generators come on line to protect their customers and their cold foods? That’s like buying car insurance and then finding out its only good for six days out of the week.
PowerSafe guarantees satisfaction.
Our competitors don’t have the guts to match this offer because it could be ruinously expensive to someone doing substandard work. We only do standby generators and we rely on “word of mouth” to provide us with the majority of our new customers. That being the case, we have to do it right so that you will refer us to your friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates. We don’t have dissatisfied customers. If the generator we install for you fails to perform as we have promised, we’ll take it back out and refund your purchase price. Simple as that. No risk.